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It’s been one year since WOAH hosted award-winning performance troupe Suchu Dance at our mobile art space’s first mall location in Houston, Texas. Last June, Suchu Dance inaugurated the opening of West Oaks Art House at West Oaks Mall (WOAH at WOM) with the site-specific performance ‘Afternono.’ Activating the entire lower tier of former JC Penney walls at West Oaks Mall, ‘Afternono’ was performed over a period of three weeks to coincide with Houston’s 10th Big Range Dance Festival.  Suchu Artistic Director and Founder, Jennifer Wood, choreographed the performance which spanned all 50,000 square ft. of the former department store.

Invited to roam and travel through the space as the graceful action of the 16 dancers progressed, audience members were invited to have an experiential and intimate encounter with the piece. Exploring the use of vast space as a vessel, and intentionally laying bare typical theatrical elements such as sophisticated lighting or sound, the immersive nature of ‘Afternono’ challenged conventional theatre relationships. Creating a spatial synthesis between viewer and performer, the audience was as integral to ‘Afternono’ as the free-flowing synchronicities of the dancer’s themselves.

In addition to marking one-year since WOAH welcomed Suchu (…and thus beginning our friendship and fan-hood), we encourage local Houstonians to check out their latest piece “BOSK” opening in Houston tomorrow evening, Fri. 6/7. “BOSK” will sadly be the last time Suchu performs at their long-standing downtown home, Barnevelder Theater–the arts complex they conceived, built, and have performed within since 2003. Don’t miss your chance to see this unparalleled team of artists at their homebase!

Suchu Dance premieres ‘BOSK’  this Fri 6/7 at 8PM | Performances Thurs-Sat thru 6/22.
Visit for info | Reserve tickets via

Suchu Dance premieres 'Bosk' Fri. 6/7 at 8PM

Suchu Dance premieres ‘BOSK’ Fri. 6/7 at 8PM


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