Tunnel Vision | Artist Call

Teaming up with one of our partners from July’s Double Vision, WOAH joins VCR (Vintage Contemporary Reconstructed) Founder, Nereida Villarreal, to deliver Tunnel Vision, a one-night audiovisual event set in the underground.  Along the overground periphery and below within a former pedestrian passageway in Cypress Park, Tunnel Vision aims to be a temporary portal inducing expanded states of perception.  Just as tunnels serve as convenient conduits for transit and telecommunication, we seek to create a space for communion and transcendence.  Pooling tastes for sounds typically limited to LA’s ‘undergrounds,’ Tunnel Vision bridges our loves for hyphenated-genre-eluding music, light optics, the in-between, and is a continued exploration in our shared vision of building audiovisual environments in off-the-grid, out-of-the-box locations.

Mark your calendar for 6PM – 11PM on Saturday, October 12th, as we block-the-street adjacent to Antigua Coffee House to channel astral planes, rally LED’s, lasers, and bass to create a hypnotic experience of sight and sound, magic and transcendence.  Brace your ears for optical soundscapes complete with the acoustic paradigms of Joshua Anzano and Leslie Dugger live.  In the mean time, we invite an open-call for audio[and]visual submissions thru Monday, September 23rd. Cross-classification, evocation of altered states, and testing capacities is recommended.  Submissions in all stimulating audio[or]visual work welcomed. See details below and please feel free to contact us with questions, spatial parameters, helping hands, or to request info:



Deadline: Monday, September 23rd

Note for Entries:  Fellow artists, please note, we encourage sending submissions before the deadline so we can assess location details with you.

Tunnel Vision - Artist Call - web

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