As Above, So Below

MAPJACKS Projection Mapping Crew

Image Courtesy MAPJACKS Projection Mapping Crew

Oh yes, it’s time for tunneled vision!

As the next installment of the Cypress Village Tunnel Art Walk, VCR and WOAH present Tunnel Vision.  Join us Saturday, October 12th from 6PM-11PM as a diverse collaborative of artists transforms an underground tunnel into a realm of sonic soundscapes and sensorial environments.

Down below, Josh Garza (drummer of Secret Machines & EFG) initiates the synesthetic journey with arpeggios of drum drones, followed by live performances from Josh Anzano, Leslie Dugger, and Crowhurst. Since Tunnel Vision spans the overground area of the adjacent block for the evening, we have ambient DJ sets from Mor Elian (Dublab), Thomas K, and a slowed-down experimental half-hour with Nu Speed.

LA-based collective MAPJACKS Projection Mapping Crew illuminates the scene with live and interwoven projections–transforming neighboring buildings and the tunnel into a frenetic, oscillating landscape.  With transcendental videos and interactive installations from Brian Decker, Daiana Feuer, Klaus Pinter, Mark Mars, Nemo, INX, LURK, and Sammy Wong, this promises to be an experience exercising faculties of perception.

You won’t want to miss Tunnel Vision‘s happiest hour courtesy of Lagunitas Brewing Co … so we suggest you RSVP.

>>FREE ($5 Suggested)

>>LocationAntigua Coffee House3400 N. Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, California 90065

TV_flierfrontTunnel Vision - Back


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