Weekly WOAH | June 19-25

With a behemoth of events happening in sprawling LA … and in a[n art] world where glimmers of grandeur are often obscured amidst monotonous mediocrity— it can be helpful to consult a cynical, curated eye…  So every Thursday you can browse here for where to scope that local art and sound #whoa.  Weekly WOAH will cover happenings at all venues, particularly those at out-of-the-box and artist-run spaces.  Follow our blog to receive e-alerts when Weekly WOAH posts.  Drop us a line to share your event.

// Thursday, June 19

David Hendren at Five Car Garage

David Hendren at Five Car Garage

// Friday, June 20

The Artist & The Computer #2: Auteurs and Experiments at Cinefamily

The Artist & The Computer #2: Auteurs and Experiments at Cinefamily

// Saturday, June 21

at Actual Size

Justin John Greene at Actual Size

  • Wikipedia Meetup: Unforgetting L.A. #4, at 356 S. Mission, Boyle Heights.  Join online magazine East of Borneo for a Wikipedia edit-a-thon aimed to build a better history of art in Southern California.  This meetup focuses on the history of local art spaces and publications.  12-5pm.
  • Motion Tracking: CalArts Post-Graduate Exhibition, at Cirrus Gallery / HyperHyper, DTLA.  New works from graduating MFAs map layers of physical and technological distance between the artist in control, their image, the site of its projection, and that of its reception. Curated by William Kaminski (co-director of former alterna space, Control Room).  Opening reception: 6-10pm.  Through July 12th.
  • Justin John Greene: A Dusk That Never Settles, at Actual Size Gallery, Chinatown.  New paintings by Justin John Greene.  Opening reception: 7-10pm.  Gallery open Saturdays 12-5pm.  Through July 19th.
  • Unsound.com Presents A Noisy Solstice, Location TBA, Culver City.  SOUND: Banetoriko, Damion Romero, French Vanilla, Gil Kuno, GX Jupitter-Larsen, Handsomest Drowned Man, Kuno-Kano, and Telecaves.  UNSOUND: VJ: Kio Griffith, Art: Shoshi Kanokohata, Calvin Marcus, Kate Parsons, Nathan Zeidman, + more.  9pm-2am.

// Sunday, June 22

Magenta at HRLA

Magenta at Human Resources

// Monday, June 23

// Tuesday, June 24

// Wednesday, June 25

// last-looks

there is nothing happening above us at

there is nothing happening above us

  • there is nothing happening above us, at Wərkärtz, DTLA.  New works by LA artists Jason Burgess and Páll Haukur in the 10,000 sq ft art complex’s gallery.  Burgess exhibits new paintings alongside installations and site-specific works by Haukur.  Curated by Shelley Holcomb.  Through June 21st.

*Weekly WOAH runs concurrent to the listings we contribute to the underground [and overground] weekly newsletter, Restless Nites.  Night-owl? Music enthusiast? Event promoter? Sign-up for the blast here— plus, subscribers opt-in on ticket giveaways and free passes every week.


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