We Open Art Houses – WOAH is a Los Angeles-based creative agency and idea hub transforming open spaces through housing unique collaborations and ephemeral projects.

WOAH Vision // Envisioning underutilized and off-the-grid spaces as a platform for experimentation, WOAH is a not-for-profit initiative founded by Sharsten Plenge.  Working in tandem with artists, multimedia brands, and property owners, WOAH orients pedestrian activity and creates experiential environments in unexpected places.  WOAH aims to connect people by highlighting artistic innovation through exhibiting adaptive reuse of public space.  Activating out-of-the-box corridors as sites for creative place-making are key to sustaining a future for the arts; experimentation cultivates new work, the exchange of innovative ideas, and allows community-centric initiatives to be born.

WOAH Services // For property owners and space holders, WOAH offers opportunity to market underutilized and vacant spaces to potential tenants by showcasing them as attractive art sites.  By donating temporary space to WOAH, we house the space with art, manage and market the pop-up as an ongoing PR campaign, and attract audiences and future investors. For artists and creatives, WOAH is an elastic opportunity for your experimental projects to be made, seen, and inspire.

WOAH Satellites //  WOAH’s satellite spaces include the programs and outreach supported through Houston’s 7,000 sq ft West Oaks Art House.  WOAH’s virtual spaces include hosting conversations with presenters of electronic arts and new media through The WOAH Show on GYST Radio (GYST-INK).  In addition to maintaining Weekly WOAH— a selection of #whoa provoking LA arts picks— WOAH is a contributing editor and arts guru for various print and online platforms.

Committed to the preservation of unique audio[and]visual experiences, WOAH curates, hosts, and promotes site-specific events throughout Los Angeles and beyond.  Follow WOAH to stay-up on the latest…

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