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| d o n ‘ t  f o r g e t | TRY TO FORGET: A Group Show

Try To Forget

| opening | 8pm-1am Saturday, March 8th | 1443 N. Highland Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90028

Hentai Origami - Eron Rauch

Hentai Origami – Eron Rauch

| d i g i t a l | * Anthony Antonellis  * Ian Aleksander Adams * Terrell Davis * Bebe Bones * Natalie Hands    * Hush B Quiet * Jim Anderson (GrimGrimGrim) * Dave Hudson * Spencer Keller * Marci Pinna * Mauzy Virginia * Carlos A Etchverry * Mattie Hillock * Tracy Clark

| v i d e o | * Molly Ryan * H. Martis * Estrid Lutz + Emile Mold * Logan Owlbeemoth (Tachyons+) * Faith Holland * Vishal Nirvana

| p h y s i c a l | * Trevor Brolin * Jen Miller * Gabe Martinez * Rhys Jones * Eron Rauch * XE Davis * Nora Quinn + Sammy Wong * Trevor Treglia * Jimmy Swill * Rae Threat  * Dorian Wood  * Aria Maximillian * Crystal Brackett  * James Marshall

| s o u n d | (live) * Bastard Noise and Witches Of Malibu * Crowhurst * Hive Mind * Breakdancing Ronald Reagan (TX) * Endometrium Cuntplow * Derek Rogers

| r e a d i n g | * Ian Dick Jones | i n s t a l l a t i o n | * Jay Gambit

| d e s i g n | * (stage) Eron Rauch * (lighting) Obfuscated Visuals

| c u r a t e d  b y | * Jay Gambit

| co-p r e s e n t e d  with |  We Open Art Houses – WOAH

tumblr_n1bqwt7yzJ1r3cx9xo1_400| r s v p | * c l i c k * h e r e *

art + sound IRL

It is truly the catastrophe of meaning that lies in wait for us – JEAN BAUDRILLARD

In a world where our virtual life has consumed our physical state of being, the lines between IRL and URL dissolve through mechanical routine and limitless manipulation.  Modulators and controllers of an overwhelming panoply of sights, sounds, information, and events, we function in communication networks as both alienated subject and mediated object.  Virtually extended, we are trapped in a circular loop of presented and re-presented information and images–– a simulated reality where representations of history, society, adolescence, youth, and ourselves are commonly perceived as lived experience.

Instruments and vessels of absorption, the evolution of becoming an adult has changed with the expansion of open-source information and the elaboration of pop culture.  We inhabit an age where information and value, notions of private and public, as well as distinctions between the natural and the neutralized, collapse into meaningless noise.  Like the World Wide Web itself, the Post-Internet visual and sound artists showcased here deconstruct the past by reassembling fragments into new strange hybrid forms and futures.

Screen Flicker | Faith Holland

The beauty of this new habitat is juxtaposed in a political climate with recurring themes of corruption, immorality, violence and invasion of even the most basic of personal privacies.  Deeply entrenched in a lifestyle of habitual routine and manufactured need–– where we are constantly having new necessities forced upon us through rendering the technological items our culture has forced us into addiction to–– looking back less than twenty years ago seems like an eternity of waste.  Overloaded and overwhelmed, the only hope is to try to forget.

Try To Forget: A Group Show






1443 N. Highland Ave, Hollywood CA 90028 (Map)

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>DIGITAL: Natalie Hands | Anthony Antonellis | Dave Hudson | Ian Aleksander Adams | Hush B Quiet | Terrell Davis | Bebe Bones | Jim Anderson | Spencer Keller >VIDEO: Molly Ryan | H. Martis | Estrid Lutz | Logan Owlbeemoth | Faith Holland >WALL: Trevor Brolin | Lydia Jones | Nora Quinn/Sammy Wong | Eron Rauch | Trevor Treglia | Jen Miller | Gabe MartinezJimmy Swill | XE Davis >PERFORMANCE: Crowhurst | Bastard Noise + Witches of Malibu | Hive Mind | Circuit Rider | Endometrium >INSTALLATION: James MarshallJay Gambit