Weekly WOAH | Oct 9-15

// Thursday, Oct 9 

#tbt Scott Benzel at Public Fiction 2012 | at VSF

// Friday, Oct 10 

Expanded Cities | at Curio

// Saturday, Oct 11 

Marjorie Cameron | at MOCA PDC

Marjorie Cameron | at MOCA

// Sunday, Oct 12 

// Tuesday, Oct 14 


Empathy/Relic #2 ( detail), 2013 |David Lucien Matheke at CSUN

// Wednesday, Oct 15 

Suzy Poling | at HRLA

Suzy Poling | at HRLA

// last-looks 

Fay Ray | at Samuel Freeman

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Weekly WOAH | Aug 21-27

// Thursday, Aug 21 

Bill Plympton’s Cheatin’ | at Downtown Independent

// Friday, Aug 22

  • Workhorse

    telepathy with Workhorse | at Otherwild

    Workhorse Launch Party, at Otherwild, Echo Park.
    Performances by the online experiment & interactive public conversation, Workhorse & best friends (Mikki Olsen and Machina Mclaughlin), a screening by Aimee Goguen, & music by pyramid records.
    doors 7pm
    performances 8pm

  • Group Show: Opening, at Monte Vista Projects, Eagle Rock.
    Works by Christina Agapakis, Rita Blaik, Megan May Daalder, & Amisha Gadani explore the ‘un-closed’ through experimental videos, cavum prints, scientific illustrations, fragmented photos, & interactive fashion.
    Opening Reception: 7-10pm
    Through Sep 14

// Saturday, Aug 23 

// Sunday, Aug 24 

Kiki Seror

Kiki Seror | at CB1 Gallery

// Monday, Aug 25 


Andy Votel’s Kleksploitation | at Cinefamily

  • Andy Votel presents: Kleksploitation, at Cinefamily, West Hollywood.
    US premiere of Kleksploitation, a tribute to ‘reconstituted cinematic synth-pop from Communist Poland’s deepest hallucinogenic hibernation period.’ Plus Votel live-remixes Andrzej Korzynski’s score for the three surreal children’s sci-fi flicks, Pan Kleks.

// Tuesday, Aug 26 

Burn, Trapped, Wrath | at Human Resources

Burn, Trapped, Wrath | at Human Resources

// last-looks 

I Should Have Done Better And I Wish I Would Have, 2014

I Should Have Done Better And I Wish I Would Have | CMHHTD at Subliminal Projects

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Weekly WOAH | Aug 7-13

How-to’s alongside Algo-Rhythms at Sonos Studio

// Thursday, Aug 7


// Friday, Aug 8

// Saturday, Aug 9 

Blacklisted at Adjunct Positions.

Blacklisted at Adjunct Positions.

// Sunday, Aug 10

// Tuesday, Aug 12

// Wednesday, Aug 13

// last-looks 

Animal Charm at China Art Objects.

Animal Charm at China Art Objects.

Weekly WOAH | July 10-16

// Thursday, July 10 

In The Flesh

In The Flesh at Crowded House.

// Friday, July 11

Experimental Half-Hour at Made In LA.

// Saturday, July 12

// Sunday, July 13

// Monday, July 14

// Tuesday, July 15

Lost & Found Film Club presents Naughty Bits

// Wednesday, July 16

  • Lost & Found Film Club: NAUGHTY BITS, at Cinefamily, West Hollywood.
    Awkward teens, boxing burlesque queens, animated cut-paper penises, and feline fanciers and silly smut… Plus 35mm nudies compiled by 60’s Hollywood projectionists in this series of strange and sticky shorts that are as arousing as they are entertaining.

// last-looks 

Image: Katie Shapiro | at Stephen Cohen.

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